EKAW 2010 - Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management by the Masses

11th October-15th October 2010 - Lisbon, Portugal

Title Author(s)
Constructing Understandable Explanations for Semantic Search Results Björn Forcher

Michael Sintek

Thomas Roth-Berghofer

Andreas Dengel

Acquiring and Modelling Legal Knowledge Using Patterns: an application for the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service Patries Kordelaar

Freek van Teeseling

Edwin Hoogland

Ontology engineering with rough concepts and instances C. Maria Keet

Kali-ma: a semantic guide to browsing and accessing functionalities in plugin-based tools Alessandro Adamou

Valentina Presutti

Aldo Gangemi

ReBEC: a Method for Capturing Experience during Software Development Projects Gerardo Matturro

Andres Silva

TagSorting: A Tagging Environment for Collaboratively Building Ontologies Leyla Jael García Castro

Martin Hepp

Alexander García Castro
Extending Open Rating Systems for Ontology Ranking and Reuse Holger Lewen

Mathieu D'Aquin

Reasoning by Analogy in the Generation of Domain Acceptable Ontology Refinements Laura Moss

Derek Sleeman

Malcolm Sim
Evaluations of User-Driven Ontology Summarization Ning Li

Enrico Motta

"A Visualization Service for the Semantic Web" Sean Falconer

Chris Callendar

Margaret-Anne Storey

"How much Semantic Data on Small Devices?" Mathieu D'Aquin

Andriy Nikolov

Enrico Motta

Specialization and Validation of Statecharts in OWL Gerd Gröner

Steffen Staab

HyperTwitter: Collaborative Knowledge Engineering via Twitter Messages Martin Hepp

Building Large Lexicalized Ontologies from Text: a Use Case in Indexing Biotechnology Patents Claire Nedellec

Wiktoria Golik

Sophie Aubin

Robert Bossy

Enhancing Content-based Recommendation with the Task Model of Classi cation Yiwen Wang

Shenghui Wang

Natalia Stash

Lora Aroyo

Guus Schreiber

Temporal Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling Cyril Faucher

Charles Teissèdre

Jean-Yves Lafaye

Frédéric Bertrand

Handling markup overlaps using OWL Angelo Di Iorio

Silvio Peroni

Fabio Vitali

A Semantic Approach for Learning Objects Repositories with Knowledge Reuse Isabel Azevedo

Rui Seiça

Adela Ortiz

eurico Carrapatoso

Carlos Vaz de Carvalho

Using Machine Learning to Support Continuous Ontology Development Maryam Ramezani

Hans-Fried Witschel

Simone Braun

Valentin Zacharias

Towards Hybrid Reasoning for Verifying and Validating Multilevel Model Nophadol Jekjantuk

Gerd Gröner

Jeff Pan

Edward Thomas
Making Sense of Design Patterns Rinke Hoekstra

Joost Breuker

QuiKey – an Efficient Semantic Command Line Heiko Haller

A Model-Driven Approach for Using Templates in OWL Ontologies Fernando Silva Parreiras

Gerd Gröner

Tobias Walter

Steffen Staab

Representing, Proving and Sharing Trustworthiness of Web Resources Using Veracity Grégoire Burel

Amparo Elizabeth Cano Basave

Matthew Rowe

Alfonso Sosa

Ontology Learning for Cost-Effective Large-scale Semantic Annotation of XML Schemas and Web Service Interfaces Shahab Mokarizadeh

Peep Küngas

Mihhail Matskin