EKAW 2010 - Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management by the Masses

11th October-15th October 2010 - Lisbon, Portugal

Knowledge Acquisition from Social Networking Sites


Z. Zhang & A.E. Cano (tutors),

K. Elbedweihy (assistant),

A.-S. Dadzie (support tutor)

Department of Computer Science,

University of Sheffield,

Regent Court, 211 Portobello,

Sheffield, S1 4DP,

United Kingdom

Social media platforms such as wikis, blogs, and networking sites are becoming increasingly popular with Web 2.0 users, who create and store large amounts of potentially useful information about identities and entities (e.g., people, places and artefacts). This tutorial is targeted at Social media and knowledge acquisition researchers and practitioners; software developers exploring innovative methods for exploiting collective, user-generated knowledge; new graduates and doctoral students pursuing research in online social media and knowledge acquisition. It is presented as two half days with theory in the morning and a hands on session in the afternoon.

The aims of the tutorial are:

  • To introduce social media platforms with a focus on exploiting the potential

    knowledge available from exchanges on social networking sites.
  • To understand the role of knowledge acquisition as a key enabling technique

    for developing intelligent applications on social media platforms.
  • To learn how basic knowledge acquisition technologies would enable participants

    to pursue more complex research and development in relevant directions.
  • To identify new issues related to knowledge acquisition in the context

    of social media platforms and the research questions these issues bring up.
  • To acquaint participants with state-of-the-art research on extracting

    and using this knowledge in the development of intelligent applications.

Click here for some resoruces and data for the tutorial