EKAW 2010 - Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management by the Masses

11th October-15th October 2010 - Lisbon, Portugal

Ontology Quality

Website: http://miuras.inf.um.es/ontoqual2010/index.html

Motivation and Objectives

The process of building ontologies has traditionally been an art rather than an engineering process, despite the existence of methodologies for supporting this process. The correct application of methodologies already help guarantee some quality in the resulting ontology, although the quality offered by such methodologies has not, so far, been measured quantitative or qualitatively. There are no maturity models for the ontology building processes that might be used for this purpose. On the other hand, ontology design patterns play an important role in obtaining higher quality ontologies. In the last years, some international efforts have been put on defining such patterns for generic ontology building or oriented to particular domains, so knowing the best and worst practices would also contribute to get better ontologies.

The objective of this workshop is to serve as a forum for sharing the most recent efforts and experiences in this area, disseminating the current best practices and discussing the directions that the field should take. Therefore, this workshop is oriented to any researcher or practitioner working or interested in the following areas:

Paper submission

Paper submission and reviewing for EKAW 2010 will be electronic via EasyChair . The papers should be written in English, follow Springer LNCS format, and be submitted in PDF. Two types of submissions are accepted in this workshop:

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